DAY 01 — Data Science Hackathon (22-Dec to 24-Dec)

We are super excited to complete Day 01 of our hackathon series. We thank everyone who submitted applications and attended the information session. We want to apologise for not being able to accommodate everyone. With very little planning and zero marketing efforts, we have received an overwhelming number of applicants, indicating that there is a significant demand for collaboration, innovation, inspiration and meeting like-minded people. Once again we are thanking you for showing interest.

Our hackathon series consists of 4 competitions.

22-Dec to 24-Dec | Data Science & Machine Learning Competition (Application closed)

28-Dec to 30-Dec | Blockchain Competition (Application closed)

03-Jan to 05-Jan | Trading Competition (Application closed)

05-Jan to 07-Jan | Programming & Machine Learning Competition (Open)

Each hackathon will run for 3 days and the main goal of the competitions is to find passionate, committed young researchers, developers, designers and programmers for our next open source project.

The teams

Team AlphaGo

Team Thor

Team Swordfish

Data Science Hackathon Basics
Runs for 3 days (usually, 9:30 am to 6:30 pm). Everyone has 24/7 access to the facility.
Minimum 5 members per group.
The team must select their peers, define their role, project scope and deliverables clearly.
The winning team will be assessed by approach, solution design principles, innovation, organisational skills, teamwork and speed to execution.
The exceptional individuals will receive prizes, certificates and full-time or part-time work with our open source project.

Data Science Hackathon themes
Predictive analytics.
Data dissemination framework
Data normalization
Open Source Compilers
Extract data from decentralised systems

Data Science Hackathon Agenda: Day 01

09:30 AM: Registration opens
10:00 AM: Welcome! — quick hello, intro, wifi details, “toilets and fire exits”, health & safety, and *run through today’s schedule.
10:10 AM: Overview of the challenge(s)
10:30 AM: Crash course: How to participate in a hackathon, how to run a sprint, double diamond
11:30 AM: Defining the project scope
12:30 PM: Define problem statement
12:30 PM — 1:30 PM: Lunch
01:45 PM: Participant feedback sessions to clarify the scope and project objectives
02:10 PM: Defining the challenge outcome and deliverable(s)
02:30 PM: PM, stakeholders selection
02:45 PM: Assign tasks/goals for your team member
03:00 PM: LET THE HACKING BEGIN! — everyone gets started, and we refrain from interrupting them any further.
06:00 PM: Team progress report — quick “around the room” standup; each team shares a quick summary of what they are doing
06:30 PM: End of Day 01

Data Science Hackathon details
1) Create Microservice in python (option to bind to C) to create a stable connection to ByBit Public Limit Order WebSocket endpoint, Normalize the data in memory, do the same for the public trades messages. Measure the average time taken to normalize the data; over
five seconds, the fastest wins.

2) Using the normalized data, build a limit order book in memory. Measure the average time to update the limit order book over 5 seconds, the fastest wins.

3) Calculate as many metrics from our list & OFI & TFI for every 100ms pulse, use them to predict market snooping, measure the average time taken to calculate, over 5 seconds fastest wins

4) Build a data pipeline using AirFlow to Store and retrieve historical ByBit data on timescale DB. Also, do a comparative case study on Kafka Vs Pulsar

5) Setup Kafka Cluster and Pulsar Cluster and publish the ByBit data on topics as asset pairs.

Why Hackathons

  • It is a phenomenal learning opportunity. You can utilize this opportunity to test another expertise or structure in a setting that keeps you engaged and motivated.
  • It drives you to escape your usual range of familiarity and develop. Hope to test out your own thoughts for an undertaking to finish outsiders or clarify why you are a decent possibility for another person’s group.
  • You experience smart management and group elements. Hackathons are extraordinary examples as far as execution and productivity. There is no space for compulsiveness — you want to judge where to contribute time, how long to attempt, and when to change to another arrangement. You will be working under tension, taking lead on certain errands, sharing your expertise, and managing various characters.
  • It wakes you up to new profession decisions. Chipping away at a thrilling task might persuade you to do a lifelong shift. Other than learning while at the same time organizing or through technical discussions, enormous on location hackathons highlight organization corners where you can move toward their agents and find out with regards to your potential work environment directly. Very much like at a particular employment reasonable, yet in a significantly more normal setting, they are selecting.
  • It genuinely is an intense networking with significant individuals. During these couple of days, you will have unlimited freedom to get to know individuals on an expert level, be it during group matching meetings, food breaks, or going for espresso together. Also it could begin as of now in advance if a hackathon offers shut gatherings/informing stages to the interface.
  • You make a stage towards a business venture. Individuals frequently go to hackathons when they have a business thought that they need to investigate. At times your thought/arrangement may be so stunning it could get purchased, or you and your colleague (s) may resound so well that you will keep cooperating past the hackathon (and possibly structure your own startup).
  • Because of time limitations, the group should center, cooperate, and support each other to find problematic ways of tackling issues. The test ordinarily pushes our creative mind and innovativeness as far as possible.

GDA is developing the decentralized financial application development environment and rapid financial engineering protocol built on Ethereum.

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GDA Fund

GDA is developing the decentralized financial application development environment and rapid financial engineering protocol built on Ethereum.

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